mytheresa.com (MYT) is one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion. They deliver products from more than 180 designers to more than 120 countries, so they are dealing with different markets around the world.

Actually they have an app which is available in 7 different languages, also in chinese.
Because auf the size and strength of the chinese market MYT is already acting in this market. The behavior of using online shops there is quite different than in Europe.
That’s the reason why the app should be adjusted for China to increase the number of customers and sales.

[Mytheresa II]

Our group is going to focus on a solution for the VIP customers of mytheresa. We are going to work on a concept and prototype for a new VIP layer on the existing app to make the VIP experience more special to the user. This includes additional services and views which will be only accessable to the VIPs.


Rautjärvi is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the South Karelia region, near the russian border. We´ll build a wordpress website about Rautjärvi. Focus on promoting their activties. In addition we´ll create a TripAdvisor account for their business. Also the google tools will be included in our project like Google Analytics, Business and AdWords.

[Kägöne – Hotel & Restaurant]

Kägöne is a well known restaurant and hotel brand located in Finland, next to a highway close to the Russian border. After being closed for almost 7 years Tiina renovated and reopened the place in may 2017.
Our task is to redesign the website Tiina made in a rush in order to make the website more presentable. Additionally, we’re going to create a new logo and help out with the markerting strategy to further increase the brand recognition.

[Chatbots XXL | Wegmann Automotive]

The team BigBots plans to design and implement chatbots for customer communication. We want to offer our service to two companies. One is XXXL Lutz, a furniture company from Germany located near Wuerzburg. The other one is Wegmann Automotive which is the world’s number one in the field of balancing weights for vehicles and battery bushings. The two companies have a huge amount of workforce answering standard questions which could also be answered by a bot. Chatbots are using artificial intelligence to understand the user’s intention and therefore can give proper answers. Questions which needs to be defined with the companies are for example which languages the bot should be able to speak or which are the best channels to place the bot e.g. Facebook Messenger, Website.