Del-Fin (Deutschland-Finnland) is a project initiated from the University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Computer Sciences (E-Commerce) in cooperation with the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Lappeenranta in 2016 by Prof. Dr. Christina Voelkl-Wolf.

In octobre 2017 the cooperation started with web-based projects as finish-german cooperation for the university as well as for the companys in both countrys.


Kick off for german participants was wednesday, 21st of june 2017

Finland, Oct. 2018: German students and professors visit finland

10/01/18: Arrival,
10/02/18: Kick off in finland with all team members, agenda with issues to discuss
10/03/18: Final Group formation and prepare first contact with companies on wednesday
10/04/18: Online presentation with cooperating businesses with skype/hangout etc.
10/05/18: Departure

End of Oct / Middle of Nov/ End of Nov: 

  • Teams work together with e-collaborating tools in planned sessions
  • Class in finnland/germany with co-operation with e-collaboration tools

Germany, Dec. 2018: Finish students and lecturers visit germany

12/10/18: Evening: Arrival of finish students
12/11/18: Working in teams
12/12/18: Finalizing projects in the teams
12/13/18: End presentation with cooperating businesses
12/14/18: Departure of finish partners