Final presentations

Thanks to all students for the creative, interesting and informative presentations on the last day of the DelFin project. And also a huge thaaaanks to the participating companys mytheresa and Wegmann Automotive, Kägöne and Rautjärvi! It was a pleasure for us to work with you!

The Würzburg Rallye

The first afternoon all student teams did a rallye prepared by Kevin – a student of the german team – thanks to Kevin by the way 😉 They had to pass 6 sightseeing points and take team photos in each. Furthermore their competition was to buy something as heavy as possible with budget of 50 cents AND get something as valuable as possible by changing paper tissue for something better without any money.
The team „Rautjärvi“ won the challenge by getting the heaviest object (5 litres of water + pack) and ending up with volleyball instead of a paper tissue.


Arriving in Würzburg

„We arrived in Würzburg through windy weathers from snowy Finland late on Monday evening. Trip was surprisingly long including 3 trains, 2 busses and 1 airplane. Vietnamese students were positively surprised that in Germany you can buy food from the streets including breakfast. “In Finland it is only trees”. True.“

Welcome to Würzburg

We are very happy to welcome the finish students and lecturers of our Delfin project in germany. As scheduled we work together today and tomorrow and prepare the final presentations for thursday 13:30 pm. As these are public presentations, company and university members  as well as interested students are invited to join us.

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